Friday, October 21, 2011


I got hyper last night. 

    It all started on the way to Quincy last night.  I was in a perfectly normal mood....until I was hyper.  Don't ask what brought it on, I really don't know.  I don't get really crazy when I'm hyper, but I get kind of giddy, and those around me better prepare for randomness.
   I spent some time in Aldi skipping, and decided I really needed to get surveillance camera.  Then I found the rigatoni - giant noodles.  These were not on the list, but I really wanted some.  I stuck them in the cart, hoping they would get checked out without Mom noticing.  But alas, my mother's sharp eyes found them out, and I forced to return the Rigatoni to their old home.  :'(
   After JCPenney's (yay for new jeans!) we had to get a car part, and at AutoZone I found a fly swatter and saw how much better this certain kind of motor oil is. I also tested the battery in our "wireless car remote," (it works!) which led to running outside giggling to close the trunk.  Overall, it was a fun night. :)

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You make me laugh girl! I like being random and silly. :)